The Marconi Society
Paul Baran Young Scholars

The Marconi Society’s Paul Baran Young Scholars are a community of scientists dedicated to improving the world by advancing the frontiers of telecommunications and networking. We honor their creative work in the spirit of the courage and wisdom exemplified by Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi.


Marconi Fellows are inspirational luminaries with connections into almost every industry. Young Scholars get to know the Fellows and learn from them on a personal basis.

The Young Scholar cohort is a life-long network of innovators whose careers are growing as quickly as your own. This cohort will be your collaborators, your colleagues and your friends.


The Paul Baran Young Scholar Award gives immediate global credibility to your work and your approach. The Marconi Society provides a global platform to share your research and to discover potential collaborators.

Young Scholars assume leadership positions in planning symposia, events and research sharing sessions, as well as in running the group and its activities.


Marconi Fellows and Young Scholars have a shared goal of using scientific discoveries in communication and networking to improve the world.

The Marconi Society’s Celestini Program lets Young Scholars directly mentor and engage with students in developing countries. The Young Scholar group is expanding the Celestini Program from its current base in Africa to China and India.

Direct from the Young Scholars


Each year, faculty and mentors recognize outstanding young scientists and engineers anywhere in the world who have demonstrated exceptional capabilities and potential. Nominations for the 2021 Paul Baran Young Scholar Award will be taken until early 2021.  Join the Marconi Society mailing list for continued updates on the Young Scholar Award.