The Celestini Project

Technology for Good

Everyone has amazing potential. Let’s develop it!

The Young Scholars are committed to enabling technical undergrads in developing countries to use technology to create social and economic transformation in their communities.

We provide help to identify projects, a local engineer for mentoring, temporary working space, assistance with local publicity and other support the students need. The students bring creativity, technical skills and a passion for making a difference.

Uganda (2016)

  • Uganda has the 37th highest maternal mortality rate in the world
  • Hypertension is the second most common cause of maternal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Maternal mortality is caused by remoteness from health centers, shortage of skilled workers and lack of awareness among pregnant women
  • Marconi Society teamed with Makerere University, Nokia Bell Labs and Marconi Young Scholar Dr. Joseph Kakande
  • Objective is to reduce maternal deaths due to hypertensive disorders
  • Three teams focused on developing an end-to-end mobile app
  • Created a mobile app to track the health of pregnant women and identify potential for hypertensive disorder
  • Developed a database to track patients, generate reports for doctors and store data
  • Built a web application to schedule health care visits

India (2017-2018)

  • Over 200,000 people in India lost their lives in road accidents in 2015
  • Traffic accidents are the top cause of death for people aged 19-25
  • In Delhi, many of these accidents are caused by buses hitting pedestrians and cyclists
  • Marconi Society teamed with eight universities in India, Google and Marconi Young Scholar Dr. Aakanksha Chowdhery of Princeton University
  • Objective is to reduce fatalities due to traffic collisions
  • Four teams focused on creating video analytics and alerts to notify drivers of potential collisions
  • 30 students participated in Phase I
  • 6 students selected and participated for Phase II
  • Created testbed in IIT Delhi experimenting with collaborative driver assistance to prevent collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles; designed using cameras connected to Raspberry Pis that communicate to cloud via mobile phone app
  • Poster presentation by Phase II team at top-tier ACM MobiCom conference
  • Technology considered as a use-case for 5G pilot deployment in IIT Delhi next year
  • Phase II team students are motivated to continue graduate school after their undergraduate work